Big Wolf on Campus


nc17; Tommy/Merton; a little first time piece


nc17; Tommy/Merton; continuation of Epithalamion


nc17; Tommy/Merton; final story in arc


Teach Me to Hear the Mermaids Singing

pg13; Xander/Cordelia; Set post season 5 Buffy and season 2 Angel, it diverges with the canon post 'Restless' and 'Shanshu'. The LA gang visits Sunnydale for the first time and a little something is rekindled between Cordelia and Xander.


The Form Complete

pg13; Greg/Nick AU WIP; What if neither man had moved to Las Vegas? What would happen if they met later, in San Francisco?

There is a Place

nc17; Greg/Nick; You never know how family is going to react.


A Thousand Words

pg13; Speed/David; It's been a year since the accident...

Sawdust Voices

r; Speed gen; One day in Speed's lost year.

Empire Records

The 12 Days of Courtship; Inadvertent & in Reverse

r; Mark/Lucas; written for 2005 New Year's Resolutions

50 Sentences

nc17; Mark/Lucas; written for 1sentence LJ comm

Fancy Claps

nc17; Mark/Lucas; Mark likes it, even if it's crazy.

The Faculty

Echoes Inhabit the Garden

nc17; Casey/Stan post-movie; The stupid post-action final scene doesn't exist here


r; Casey/Stan; immediate follow-up to Echoes; Casey thinks

After Speech, Reach into the Silence

nc17; Casey/Stan; Summer at the cabin.

Untitled Ficlet

nc17; Casey/Stan; written for the a 'hump day' challenge.


Mind the Baby

pg; John/Aeryn; A little mid-ep scene.As I watched this episode, I was fascinated by the final scene in Pilot's Chambers. How did John and Aeryn end up there? This is my answer.


pg; John/Aeryn; A Mind the Baby post-ep. What happens after the final scene fades to black?

Harry Potter

An Alternative to Love

nc17; Draco Malfoy/Terence Higgs; post-Hogwarts AU. Part of a much, much larger universe.

Canticles 7:10

nc17; Ron/Hermione; Sometimes, Ron is very stupid. Sometimes, he's not.

Sonnet XXIX

r; Oliver/Percy; written for an abandoned fic carnival. Aliens attack Hogwarts. Only, not really.


Panic Movement

nc17; Danny/Chris; Danny knows how fucked up he is, but he can't seem to help it.

Mele Kelikimaka

nc17; Danny/Chris; written for Yuletide 2004

Juvenile Orion

The Sounds Will Take Care of Themselves

pg; Their family isn't exactly traditional; written for 2005 Yuletide.


Shadows Keep on Changing

nc17; Tim/Dean; crossover with Supernatural. Jane wrote a sequel called I'm Just Giving You a Warning.

Three Figures Around Your Heart

nc17; Tim/Tony; Tim hates the taste of blood.

Untitled Ficlet

pg; Tim/Tony; a bit of Easter silliness.

Stargate: Atlantis

July 13, 1937

pg13; McKay/Sheppard; Vernon Carver Rudolph was a genius.


pg13; McKay/Sheppard; Another day, another planet. With armed natives.

...Are Made of This

nc17/ McKay/Sheppard; At night, he dreams of coffee ice cream and physics.

The Rose in the Worm

pg; McKay/Sheppard; John really shouldn't have activated that artifact. Really.


Shadows Keep on Changing

nc17; Tim/Dean; crossover with Supernatural. Jane wrote a sequel called I'm Just Giving You a Warning.

Shine, And Seek to Mend

nc17; Sam/Dean; Sunday services, Wincest style.

Down the Waterfall

nc17; Sam/Dean; Dean's had a lot of sex.

Velvet Goldmine

Rarely Pure and Never Simple

r; Curt/Arthur; Sometimes, Curt wonders what his life would be like if he'd never left Arthur on that rooftop. Part of a larger, multi-fandom series I'm planning that revolves around tattoos.

Without a Trace


nc17; Danny/Martin; written as a birthday present.

Not at All or All in All

nc17; Danny/Martin; Bondage

The Scientific Method

nc17; Danny/Martin; observation, hypothesis, testing, results, conclusion


pg; Danny/Martin; Martin has a cold.

As-Yet Untitled Gothic Romance AU

r; Danny/Martin; what, the title wasn't clear enough?

The West Wing

Sittin' in Committee

nc17; Josh/Donna; based on two list challenges - songfic & bad sex.

The X-Files


pg; Mulder/Scully; my very first fic ever


pg; Mulder/Scully; sequel to Aubaude


pg; Mulder/Scully; final story in sequence

The Wall

nc17; Mulder/Scully; my first naughty story

The Wall II: The Sauna

nc17; Mulder/Scully; more naughty

Multi-Fandom Drabbles


BWoC; The Faculty; WaT; CSI; CSI:Miami


The Faculty; WaT; CSI; CSI:Miami


Empire Records; The Faculty

NaNoWriMo 2003

2003 - Leave the Past Behind

I probably won't ever finish this as I have a different Speed AU in production, but I did write an epilogue-y type story in this universe.

2003 - Christmas

schmoopy schmoop schmoop

NaNoWriMo 2004


I may finish this someday. The result of too much anime and known in my head as the cat boy story.

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