BwoC can be read as a part of my pre-existing universe and would fall between Postscript and Nascent.


It was a struggle to convince Tommy's mom they didn't want a big wedding. Merton was pretty sure it was because she thought they were her only chance to throw a fabulous wedding. Their only real fight was over the ceremony. Merton wanted something a bit more pagan, the moms wanted something traditional, and Tommy just wanted the whole thing to be over with. In the end, Mr. Dawkins had to step in and remind his wife that 'they're gay, honey, not women.'


None of that mattered, though, now that they were in front of the minister, exchanging vows.


The Faculty Again, a part of my pre-existing universe and takes place at the end of a story yet to be written. All you really need to know is that being apart at college puts a strain on Stan and Casey's relationship.


manwithaplan: so, u r coming home for thanksgiving, right?
photogeek: If you don't stop with the 'u r', I'm logging off. And Stan? The shift key is your friend, freaker.
manwithaplan: SHUT UP.
manwithaplan: You know I can't type for shit.
photogeek: And yes, I'll be home.
manwithaplan: good. miss you.
photogeek: I miss you too. This term sucked.
manwithaplan: big time. what day do you get home?
photogeek: I can be home by Monday night.
manwithaplan: want to lie to your parents and tell them you can't get home until wed?
photogeek: Cabin?
manwithaplan: cabin. class now. bye.
photogeek: I'll call you later tonight, OK?
manwithaplan: ok. love you.
photogeek: Love you too. Bye.




Sam had no idea they were together. The last place she expected to find out was a supermarket. They obviously hadn't seen her because Martin kept his hand on Danny's back as he draped himself over the handle of the cart. She couldn't hear them over the ambient noise, but it was obvious this wasn't their first time here. She watched Martin try to trade Pop Tarts for Wheaties only to be thwarted by puppy eyes. He laughed, then leaned over and softly kissed Danny.


CSI I'm terrible with episode names. That entire section of my brain is taken up with XF and BtVS trivia. Anyway, takes place after the episode that made the love canon, baby.


"I can't believe we got yelled at." Nick stretched before turning on the alarm and falling into bed.

"No kidding. I wonder what crawled up Grissom's butt and died tonight."


"What? Like you're not wondering the same thing." Greg turned off the bathroom light and slid under the covers. "I think it's the beard."

Nick laughed before curling around Greg and brushing kisses over the shiny burn scars on his back. "You think Grissom's beard crawled up his butt and died?"

"Nick?" Greg threaded their fingers together over his stomach.


"Shut the hell up."

"Love you too, Greggo."


CSI:Miami A little something I'm toying with for my 2003 NaNoWriMo entry. Speed/OMC.


Tim had trouble turning off his mind, even for sex. A lifetime ago, David laughed and kissed him when he admitted that, even half crazed from whatever David was doing to him, a small part of his mind was cataloguing the physical and chemical reactions.

Afterwards, he was never involved long enough for it to become an issue, though he must have offended someone by mumbling about science when he came.

Jeremy was different. After Speed came down from the blowjob of the millennium, he found himself answering question after question about biology and evidence.

He was in love again.

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