Down the Waterfall - carleton97

Dean's had sex.

Dean's had lots of sex.

Dean's had the sort of sex people write letters to Penthouse about and everyone else thinks is 100% bullshit.

Dean's had sex with twins. Swedish twins.

But for all the sex Dean's had in the last twelve years, nothing's ever left him feeling this hollowed out, like he's been broken open and scraped clean right down to his bones and he knows, he knows that no one else in the world could make him feel like this.

Only Sam.

Only Sam could strip him bare and press him into the mattress, big hands holding him open and soft tongue like a blessing on him and in him.

Only Sam could make him come without touching his cock and only Sam could hold him while he shakes his way through one bitch of an orgasm.

So, yeah, Dean's had sex, but he's only ever loved Sam.

The End

disclaimer: Supernatural isn't mine, but sometimes I like to pretend it is.

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