The Faculty

"Our parents are going to kill us." It was the thirteenth time Casey had said that since take-off.

Stan had been counting.

"We're making history, Casey. Stop being a wuss."

"Running away from home isn't making history."

"We didn't run away from home. We're fully functioning adults with jobs, an apartment, and a cat. We made a strategic retreat."

Casey snorted and raised his hand to his mouth to worry at an already ravaged nail, but Stan intercepted it and wove their fingers together.

"Had to be done. Our parents might be crazed, but we're getting married."

Casey smiled. "Yeah."


Without a Trace

It was the best sort of ending for a case. No one dead, no one traumatized, and no IA investigation in sight.

Plus, they got to witness a lesbian wedding.

Martin knew Danny and the rest of the team thought he was just to the right of conservative and, in a lot of ways, he was.

Just not in this.

He could argue his stance was based on basic Constitution law, but that wasn't why he was huddled next to Danny, shamelessly using him to block the cold San Francisco wind.

He was in love. And they were getting married.



"Nick, where were you? I had a ticket for the game, but you didn't answer your phone." Warrick caught up to Nick and Greg by the break room.

"Out of town. Did someone take the ticket?"

"Sara." Warrick watched Nick unload two containers of food from his backpack into the refrigerator. "You hungry tonight?"

"One's for Greg." Nick headed towards the DNA lab, walking shoulder to shoulder with Greg.

Warrick frowned at their constantly brushing hands.

"So, where'd you go?"

"San Francisco." Nick stopped by the lab doors and kissed Greg in front of a gaping Warrick. "We got married."



"So, how'd you like our wedding?"

Speed laughed into the back of Jeremy's neck and rubbed his cheek against his hair. "It was…surreal."

Jeremy pressed back into the other man's body, enjoying the feel of skin against skin. "You think so?"

"Yeah. I think my favorite part was when your mom offered to write out a prescription for that protestor because she 'looked a little whacko.'"

"That's my mom, the mental health professional." Jeremy wiggled around until he was facing Speed. "We're good?"

Speed kissed him as he rolled onto his back, pulling Jeremy on top of him. "We're great."

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